ColdLink - Puts Hotlinks On Ice

ColdLink Bandwidth Protection Software gives you instant relief when hotlinks from bandwidth bandits get you hot under the collar.

The ColdLink iis isapi filter or apache module transparently maps and rewrites protected urls dynamically in realtime within every page served from your site. Your site continues to work normally, even when the pages are linked from search engines or other sites. Users can even bookmark your pages for later return because the page will contain new valid links.

Any url that a hotlinker might use to hotlink protected images or other files from your site in their pages has a lifetime of just 5 minutes. After that, any hotlink is dead. Forever. Even custom scripts won't help because the odds of guessing the next valid url are infinitesimal*.

Using custom error pages, you can even turn those dead hotlinks into more sales opportunities! See our demo page for an example.

Since ColdLink does not depend on http-referer headers, cookies or javascript as other methods do, it is immune from spoofing and does not reject legitimate requests that have modified http-referer headers. It also permits users to freely turn off cookies and javascript in their browsers without difficulty.

Best of all, ColdLink is completely transparent. It protects any type of file from hotlinking, and works with links contained in static html as well as dynamic html. Cpu load increase is less than 1%, which means your overall cpu usage should actually decrease once you loose those pesky hotlinkers.

Payback is immediately measurable in reduced bandwidth costs, reduced server load, and decreased lost traffic.

It's all about how much money stays in your pocket.
Buy ColdLink today and keep more of it for yourself!

* 1/340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456
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