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The hotlinks were getting out of hand. We just installed coldlink and already our server is using less bandwidth. The hotlink redirect to html feature is really neat!
Mike --

From time to Google to whipping out the CC was probably no more than an hour. Total search time was maybe a minute. Took a little longer to talk myself into the purchase!
Carl --

This is the only decent solution to true web file security I can find on the web, and I did a pretty exhaustive search. I was thinking about how the software must work and I must say: very clever!
Cary --

I was looking for a simple solution and effective to bandwidth theft. Coldlink is that answer - it couldn't be simpler to use.
David --

My particular problem wasn't hotlinking, but ColdLink still does what we need it to do. We have a problem with customers figuring out the folder path to sensitive downloads and when they plug in the direct URL they are able to download materials that they normally have to pay for. With ColdLink they won't be able to see the actual file path and they can't bookmark it (since the link expires). This does exactly what we need it to do and it's the only product I've found that does it.
Josh -- site withheld

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